Textiles, Fabrics and Clothing History

Textiles, Fabrics and Clothing History

Inside this delicate spoken video, we will explore the history of textiles, fabrics and clothing.

Main Features:

  • Exactly where fibers appear from and how they were adopted by mankind, with distinctive areas regarding the history of cotton, silk and wool.
  • How fabrics, their producing and trade, inspired global relations and contributed to economical history.
  • The evolution of garments and a couple of things it tells us relating to Western societies since the 15th Century.

Watch the following sections in this video:

Art, Crafts and Decoration
Prehistory and Felt
Invention of Weaving and Flax
Textile Manufacturing
Cotton in Pre-colombian America and India
Cotton, Europeans and Americans
Discovery of Silk
Silk in China
Silk in the West
Beginning of the Luxury Goods Market
Origins of Wool
Wool in the Middle Ages
Wool Trade and Beginning of Modern Capitalism
What is Clothing About?
Clothing Regulation
What is Fashion?
Archetypes of Clothes
15th to mid-17th Century
Late 17th and 18th Century
19th Century
20th Century
Synthetic Fibers


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