Steel Prices and Future of Steel Market

Steel prices always varies a bit as the metals industry changes, however since late Spring 2020, shipping and delivery has dropped and costs have soared. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Adam Mazzella describes some of the factors behind the increase, why steel has become harder to acquire, and what this indicates for the metal construction industry.

In this video we are covering the following topics.

  • What’s been happening with steel delivery?
  • What does this indicate for the price of steel?
  • What does this indicate for companies that want to buy steel consistently?
  • How does this impact the metal construction sector and the end consumer?
  • What does this indicate for buyers interested in metal roofing?
  • What’s the foreseeable future outlook for steel and the metal markets?
  • What is Sheffield performing to support existing consumers through this?


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