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Stars In Cars With In Real Life

Stars In Cars With In Real Life

Stars In Cars With In Real Life

In Real Life goes for a drive with JJ Ryan around Oklahoma City to talk about the band, life on the road, crazy fan stories, and more.


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Comments (41)

  1. Valerie Paniagua

    “If they’re on a date with you they like you that’s it” Sergio! 😂😂

  2. Princess lit savage girl 21 23

    What I love about in real life is it’s filled with so many cultures and lots of love

  3. That fruit comment should be a tweet. just saying.

  4. Kylie Smiley

    the minute he said whataburger I knew two things: 1. I asked that question frequently, 2. My mouth started WHATering because whataburger is Flippin fantastic!

  5. EcstaticRop 26

    This was a fun roadtrip

  6. A dad? I'm new. 🤔🤯

  7. Minnesota Repping Hard 🤣

  8. Erin Glasbrenner

    “Nobody wants to hug an apple either” 😂

  9. Erin Glasbrenner

    I would love being the small grape👌👌

  10. Sienna de Joux

    I’m in the USA right now

  11. Emma Johnson

    I love Brainy and Chance

  12. daniella dowell

    Please come to Michigan, I know you read my sister's comment "Rosey" and I'm saying it as well

  13. I’ve been following them since Boy Band but I must have forgotten their ages. DREW IS 20?!?!!!🤯 I thought he was like 17-18. 😩

  14. I don't think Michael spoke more than 10 words. Haha he's my favorite member but damn dude…say something! Haha

  15. no one goes to whataburger for the fries, onion rings are where it’s at

  16. Dedeepya Ravenclaw

    Chance’s smile so angel like😭😭😭😭☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙈🙈🙈🙈😍😍😍😍

  17. Alana Charfauros

    Shitt i will still date sergio 💗💗that's smart splitting the check lol idc sergio is right

  18. Meghan Crisafulli

    They're so young whyyyyy 😭😭 is is bad to be 26 and think they are hot?!?!

  19. Shay Wilson


  20. Sasha Horan 卌

    do you eat or drink frozen custard?

  21. I’m from Wisconsin too Brady😂, imma Culver’s person, all these Wisconsin references, I didn’t know that not everyone knew about that stuff😂😂😂😂

  22. trinidy thornton

    Dang im sad i live in okc

  23. Kaylee Sibelle

    brady is the most wisconsion boy ive ever seen.

  24. Faith Payne

    I am glad only Wisconsin has Culvers,bc Culvers will become like Mc Donalds. Plus its only a Wisco thing

  25. Aubree Clark


  26. rigobaerto bautista

    right when I was watching this my cousins and I started singing tattoo how bout you

  27. Louie Porcarelli

    So I guess that Michael dude is the asshole of the group😏😏😏😏

  28. Juliette Horner

    3:30 Sergio and Drew moving the chairs back and forth 😂

  29. Aubree Clark

    Omg I live in Texas they could have came to Whataburger with me

  30. so funnyyy

  31. Cielo Garcia

    I love them they’re all so genuine and kind hearted I love them

  32. ellicefa bunyau

    I still cant believe that brad is 16 y/o

  33. Jayden Hollister

    Brady is now not the only one that fell on stage😂 in buffalo ny I think two weeks ago it was, Chance slipped during tattoo and he landed on his side, and posed like a model for a good 5 seconds😂

  34. chloe • why don’t we

    drew looks so intimidating but he’s the sweetest sounding person ever

    drew’s face when sergio was saying “so why is this called custard”

  35. chloe • why don’t we

    psa: if you go on an expensive date with serg be prepared 😂

  36. Peyton Walker

    I would pay for Sergio!

  37. Molly Williams

    who said kfc at 14:33? i've been trying to figure it out but i can't tell who's moving their mouth

  38. Faith Perkins

    Sergio, Chance, Drew, and Michael are all not from the mid west, so they don't know the pleasure that Andy's is…. my grandpa is from California and he never heard of it either. I love these guys so much

  39. JXJXND Anxnxnc


  40. Bianca Dwiggins


  41. fangirl 0104


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