National Craft Museum Delhi

National Craft Museum Delhi

National Crafts Museum is One of the precious gems of Delhi, National Crafts Museum stands out for its variety of prosperous handicrafts, textiles, sculptures and enormous village abodes.

A Treasure trove of more than 33,000 items, which includes handicrafts, textiles, collectible figurines, paintings and further, gathered from the farthest corners of the nation. That is the National Crafts Museums located at Pragati Maidan, in the center of New Delhi, set up way back in 1956 by the All India Handicrafts Board.

Getting into the gravel path, sophisticated regional murals can be noticed on the colorful walls, which are decorated with wealthy motifs such as mud mirror work from Gujarat and Warli and Mithila paintings from Maharashtra and Bihar respectively. If you fancy becoming similar artwork for your residence, the contact information of every artist are helpfully pointed out along with their work.


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