Learn Fiber Splicing and Cutting using Tumtec Splicing Machine

Learn Fiber Splicing and Cutting using Tumtec Splicing Machine

Tumtec Splicing Machine Supplier

Learn Fiber Splicing and Cutting using Tumtec Splicing Machine

Cautions for Welding with Optical Fiber Splicer

  1. Clean, inside and outside of the optical fiber fusion device, the optical fiber itself, the significant components are V-groove, optical fiber pressure foot and so on.
  2. Whenever cutting, make sure that the cutting end face is 89 [+1], almost vertical. In the procedure of putting the cut optical fibers in the specified position, the end face of the optical fibers must not touch any place, and we require to re-clean and cut whenever it comes to it: Emphasize cleansing before cutting.
  3. Place the optical fiber within its position, not too far or too close, 1/2, proficiency.
  4. Do not open up the windproof cover throughout the whole procedure of welding.
  5. Heating shrinkable sleeve, the procedure name is the reinforcement of the connecting component. When heating, the welding part of optical fiber must be positioned in the center, with a certain tension, to avoid bubbles and inadequate fixing in the heating procedure. It is emphasised that the heating procedure and the welding method of optical fiber can be carried out simultaneously. Whenever heating, do not contact the heated part, the temperature is incredibly high, so as to avoid hair loss. It is harmful.
  6. When finishing tools, focus must be paid to breaking the optical fiber head to avoid risk. The optical fiber is glass, very thin and very hard.



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