How to Use 4 Basic Electrical Testers

How to Use 4 Basic Electrical Testers

There are 4 basic types of electrical testers that each and every electrician needs to know how to use, in this video clip we’re heading to cover what they are, and how to use them.

1) Digital Multimeter – DMM

This is a benchtop style multimeter. Great for everyday use, voltage, amperage, resistance, continuity, some even do temperature and capacitance.

2) Digital Tester

Sometimes referred to as a multimeter because it truly does test multiple different values like a DMM, but really it’s called a tester. Nobody will get upset with you if you call it a multimeter, almost all electricians do. Great for day-to-day use, voltage, amperage, resistance, continuity.

3) Tick Tracer

Performs by capacitive coupling, not truly sensing voltage between two objects, however still sensing an electric field presence. Excellent for analyzing the existence of electricity, just be careful not to depend on it to tell you anything about WHAT is happening with the circuit.

4) Plug Tester

For testing receptacles. Recommend getting to be the one with the “GFCI test button” on it for testing your GFCI receptacles. Also ideal for diagnosing miswired receptacles


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