How to Make Homemade Natural Hair Cream and Moisturizer

How to Make Homemade Natural Hair Cream and Moisturizer

Learn How to make organic and natural Hair Cream for Growth and long lasting moisture especially created to care for your natural hair.

This homemade hair cream is superb at penetrating the hair shaft to offer you hydration but additionally sealing each and every strand to maintain hair retention high! Making it the perfect for hair moisturizer for strengthening and growing your natural hair.

This DIY Natural and organic Hair Cream is excellent for dealing with common hair problems that we all suffer from. If your hair is dry or brittle, you are having problems with breakage, or you just fight to maintain your natural hair moisturized — all these factor are a sign of your hair seriously lacking hydration! By making your own moisturizing hair cream you can ensure that your natural hair products are only loaded with valuable nutrient-rich components that can preserve moisture and grow your hair.

You can very easily substitute the oils for whichever you have available at home to further more customize this to your distinctive head of hair!

Components used to make organic and natural Hair Cream Moisturizer

  • 183ml Distilled Water
  • 12ml Glycerine
  • 2g Colloidal Oats
  • 25g Avocado Butter
  • 5ml Olive Oil
  • 5ml Coconut Oil
  • 5ml Jojoba Oil
  • 13g Emulsifying Wax

Preservatives & Fragrances

  • 2 – 4% Preservative (this quantity is decided by the preservative you like to use, I use Leucidal Liquid SF)
  • 1g Vitamin E Oil
  • 1g Essential Oil for fragrance (optional)

Avocado Butter might be significantly less well recognized that Shea Butter – however it is surprisingly moisturizing organic and natural ingredient developed from the flesh of ripe Avocados!
Avocado butter is incredible for natural hair. It melts on contact and offers long lasting protection. It is therefore considerably easier to lose moisture when you have curly hair, but avocado butter smoothly melts into the hair, seals the ends and also mixes quickly with other products.


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