How To Choose Jewellery for Bridal Lehenga

Find out how to choose contrast jewellery for bridal lehenga. Contrast jewelry for white, red, pink, gray, black, yellow, peach, green, maroon & Mint green Bridal lehenga.

If you are a bride or if you are planning to dress in a lehenga, then the most important question that comes to your mind is – What is the perfect jewellery for lehenga? Contrast jewelry seems to be such an incredible option however then the larger question bothers you is How to choose the perfect shade contrast jewelry as for each the color of your lehenga?

There are famous people who look so beautiful at instances but we all believe that they can dress in any color combination and they will finish up looking attractive only! But what about us? The common attractive women out here?

This video is an try out to describe the science behind choosing contrast jewellery primarily based on the colour of your lehenga. We will discover jewellery for gray lehenga, pink lehenga, red lehenga, wine shape lehenga, baranarasi red lehenga and all other colors as well.

We are providing illustrations of artificial jewelry for lehega in this video. You can implement this color basic principle in real jewellery as well.

Right here is the content topics that we have discussed in this video:

  • Concept of colour wheel to understand colour theory to select your jewellery colour
  • How to find contrast jewellery colour for your lehenga
  • Contrast Jewellery for white lehenga
  • Contrast colour jewellery for orange and peach color lehenga
  • Contrast jewellery for blue colour lehenga
  • Contrast jewellery for mint green lehenga
  • Contrast jewellery for pink and baby pink color lehenga
  • Contrast jewellery for bridal red lehenga
  • Bridal jewellery for maroon colour lehenga
  • Contrast colour jewellery for green lehenga
  • Contrast jewellery for bridal yellow and lemmon yellow lehenga
  • Contrast jewellery for black lehenga


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