CSIS Securing The Critical Minerals Supply Chains

CSIS Securing The Critical Minerals Supply Chains

The CSIS’s Energy Security & Climate Change program is happy to invite you to a presentation and dialogue of The Geopolitics of Critical Minerals Supply Chains, a fresh new report on the geopolitics of rare earth & critical minerals supply chains.

Because of growing competition from China, clean energy technologies have become a fresh new frontier of geoeconomic rivalry and the competition over their component minerals is increasing. Covid-19 has further revealed the fragility of critical minerals supply chains and its consequences on national security. This interaction will center on the strategies and actions taken by countries around the world to improve the security of critical minerals supply chains.

Following is a presentation on the CSIS report highlights by Jane Nakano (Senior Fellow, CSIS’s Energy Security & Climate Change Program), the event will feature a panel dialogue with Andrew Miller, Andrew DeWit, Rikkyo University’s School of Economic Policy Studies, Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, and Marco Giuli, Free University of Brussels.


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