Best Televisions of 2021 4K 8K

Best Televisions of 2021 4K 8K

The 17th yearly Value Electronics Television Shootout to choose the ideal 4k and 8k TV sets for 2021.

4K Televisions

  • LG’s G1 Gallery Series OLED Television
  • Samsung’s QN90A Quantum Dot LCD/MiniLED Television
  • Sony’s XR-A90J Master Series OLED Television
  • Hisense’s 75U9DG Dual Cell LCD/LED Television

8K Televisions

  • LG’s ZX Signature Series 8K OLED Television
  • Samsung’s QN900A Quantum Dot 8K LCD/MiniLED Television
  • Sony’s XR-Z9J Master Series 8K LCD/LED Television


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